Stuffed Baked Potato and Handmade Scones

Healthy and Delicious Meal with Italian Flavor!


About Us!

I am Maria from Maria Potato Restaurant. We serve fresh baked potatoes topped with yummy toppings along with handmade scones. Maria Potato is an Italian restaurant that provides high-quality foods and services, We have been serving for over 15 years in the GTA area, preparing catering, for weddings, graduations, and more events, we have been one of the local favorites for the Stuffed Baked Potatoes, delicious scones, and many more Italian diversity.

What we Serve!

We Bake potatoes and mash them with butter, making them creamy and delicious from the Inside and top up potatoes with different proteins like chicken and some toppings like cheese, and corn depending on the flavor you want.

We make Scones from very scratch and these are really delicious! Along with Potato and Scones, we also serve Italian Drinks!

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